Self Storage Unit Tips & Tricks

Published on 6/2/2016

Self Storage Unit Tips & Tricks

Pick Your Unit Size

It’s important to pick a storage unit with enough space for all your belongings and enough room to maneuver. Trust us on this always want to give yourself some extra room. Noting ever fits exactly how it's supposed to! Once you’ve decided upon a size, follow the rest of our tips to make the self storage and moving process easier.

Plan Ahead

Lay down protective canvas sheeting or cardboard for cleanliness. Keep a fold-up step ladder in your space for accessing hard-to-reach areas.Consider putting down moisture absorbers, deodorizers and/or vermin bait to protect your belongings. Unload the largest items and place them against the walls. Frequently used items should be placed near the entrance. Store valuable items farthest from the door, preferably out of view. Leave an aisle for easy access to your items.

Pack Larger Items The Right Way

Break down furniture into smaller pieces, if possible. Cover with sheets or tarps for protection. Store large pieces of furniture vertically to save space. If you have room to store a sofa flat, then a love-seat can be placed upside down on top of the sofa, with a table stacked on top of that. In most cases, you can stack dryers on top of washers.

Be Creative

You need to use pretty much all the space you possibly can so be creative and find that extra space that could be forgotten about. The less space you take up, the more money you can save because you can fit all your belongings into a smaller unit.

  • Furniture drawers are good for storing fragile items.

  • Stack the shelves of bookcases with books, small boxes and other odds and ends.

  • Store boxes containing fragile goods inside of wardrobes.

  • Store pillows, blankets and other bedding inside washers and dryers.

  • Store clothes inside dresser drawers.

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